Notes About Shipping:

Shipping Calculation:

The Hobby Sensei strives to make sure that you receive the most accurate shipping quote possible; however, because this is done by automatic means, if the shipping calculator becomes too overwhelmed with package sizes and weights it often over-calculates shipping rates. The Sensei never, ever tries to make money off of shipping. As such, if you receive a shipping quote that seems to high, it probably is. The Sensei always, always, always checks the real shipping cost against the calculated cost and AUTOMATICALLY refunds the difference to you without you even having to ask! If you want to send a message to the Sensei to inquire, please feel free to do so, but please trust that this is something he's always checking for, all the time, and will not let you overpay! If, for whatever reason, the automatic shipping cost calculator UNDERCALCULATES, the Sensei will not charge you extra in order to get your parcel to you!

Free Shipping:

Most orders over $200 will ship free to the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia. Items not available for this offer will indicate so in the description. However, you MUST select free shipping as the option you want to utilize when you check out and the website might NOT make this the default option for you. If your cost is over $200, please scan ALL shipping options to make sure that you select the one best for you, including potential free shipment savings. 

International Shipping:

The website will calculate overseas shipping, but if you use eBay, the Sensei can try to use eBay shipping for you. Oftentimes, eBay Global Shipping is cheaper that what's calculated on the Hobby Sensei's website, but you do need an eBay account that is located in a country that opts-in for eBay Global Shipping. The charge for this is $1, but there's a good chance it will be a fair bit cheaper to use eBay Global Shipping than the $1 overhead. The two ways to take advantage of this are to: 1) ask beforehand about the items you wish to purchase and then contact the Sensei so that he can set this up for you or 2) go ahead and run your purchase through to secure your items first and then let the Sensei calculate the eBay Global Shipping cost and refund the difference. 

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